New Things: 




The circulatory system of the horse!

And how to keep his ticker healthy! 


New JOBS page - scroll through the most current listings!






How to report horse abuse.


It's easier than you think. 





Look inside the hoof to get the best possible balance!


And also see some cool things.  





Learn about the CSF Groom School Program 

Your feel good story of the day!





A dull coat might indicate a problem.


Maybe it's your horse, maybe it's your lack of grooming skills.   





Rice bran - full of fat!

In a good way. 





Hooves and horse legs have some weird things going on!

It's like they are magic. 




Does your horse have a sore back? 

Get ready to detective this one.   




Why I don't use dish detergents on horses.  

You horse didn't get in an oil spill.




Help your horse keep his shoes on!

Save all of that shoe hunting time for more fun things.  




Copperhead snakes and horses - 


What to do if a bite occurs!




Interesting tidbits about laminitis!

Further proof horses are amazing.  





Unusual coat patterns on horses!

Where do they come from? 




Does your horse have a quidding problem? 

Here are some ideas for you! 




When and why to give your horse electrolytes! 

And also check the ingredients... 




Your horse's urinary system - what to know!

And also it's OK to watch him go. 




What type of salt to give your horse? 

It depends.  (Of course it does) 




What are some signs of colic in horses?

Lots of 'em, some look just like normal behavior.  




So your horse at a hay buffet...


This could be fine, or it could be very very bad... (and expensive)





Your Horse's Stifle


What to know, what to watch for, how to care for it.  



Bridle care: 


How often to take the bridle apart - and why....



Pony Power!  

The differences between horses and ponies. 



Spring is here - time to "spring clean" your horse!

A handy checklist of things to do for your horse this time of year.