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Pro Groom Kerri on the road to the BIGGEST HORSE SHOW EVER!

Why you should love a dirty horse.  Mud = Fun



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Pro Groom Lauren dishes!



Legume vs. Grass Hay - some considerations


Legumes are delicious, grasses are full of fiber.  There is actually a little bit more than that. 


9 Ways to Groom your horse - International Superstar Style


And yes, you need to start at the tail end.  These fast and easy daily practices by top Grooms keep their amazing show horses in top health and shape.  

So your horse ate his way through the feed bins...big problem!


This gorging emergency definitely warrants a call to the Vet - then perhaps some meds, and lots of paying attention to vitals and hoof health. 


Witch Hazel - keep it at the barn for some things, but not others. 6.jpg

Witch hazel is great for a few things at the barn, but not wounds, and definitely not drinking!


Need an excuse for a pet goat?  Get some poison ivy.  


This itchy rash plant is harmless to our animals, but horrible for us.  A few simple ways to erradicate this itchy monster around the barn!

 Your horse's respiratory system - what you need to know!


Pay attention to the outside and learn a lot about the inside.  

 How to battle bugs while you are on the trail.  And riding.  And just being at the barn. 


Time for all out war.  Many bugs - like mosquitos and horse flies - can totally ignore fly sprays.  Awesome.


You should NEVER be a Groom if....


Basically blood, sweat, and tears. 

Pro Groom Amanda - Groom's Class Winner shares some tips!


Ideas on how to win a Groom's Class and how to be grateful for working with horses!


The barn fridge and freezer - stock it up!


The basic necessities of the barn fridge and freezer - and what other goodies you can pack in there.  Think twice before storing some meds in the same place as your lunch!

 Colic Risk Factors


You can't predict everything (darn it!) but you can manage your horse's lifestyle to reduce some of the risk of colic.  Regular Veterinary care is part of this puzzle!

Pro Groom Kerri - GO TEAM USA!  More about Kerri, the barn dogs, and how to pack for the biggest horse show in all of the land!


Kerri's journey as a Pro Groom almost never happened... and look where she ended up!

Untangling Tails


Formula for success - goop, patience, make a plan. 

Photosensitivity - a little like sunburn, but not really. 


Photosensitive horses might look sunburned...but they may have an underlying liver problem.  Sometimes it's a big deal, other times not.  But worth investigating!

Zip ties are right up there with duct tape and bailing twine.


And, they come in all sorts of awesome colors and sizes.  

How to pick the best fly sheet for your horse! Yeah shopping!


Zebra prints won't make your horse look fat.