Who are Professional Equine Grooms?  And who am I?


Professional Equine Grooms are the bread and butter, behind the scenes, glue that holds the horse world together types of people that care for horses on a daily basis.  We are also trainers, amateurs, backyard owners, Olympians, jockeys, volunteers, camp counselors and anyone who wants to learn more about caring for horses.  

Why did I start this website?  To educate anyone who wants to learn about what it takes to become a Professional Equine Groom.  To further the educations of Professional Equine Grooms. To share ideas, dilemmas, and concerns.  To come together as a community, to unify the job across all disciplines, and create a foundation of respect within the horse world.  To share how top riders and Grooms care for their horses, so that every horse can have top notch care.  


Who the heck am I?  

Well, I'm Liv Gude.  Funny name, varied background, and totally dedicated to the mission.  

I have ridden horses of all shapes, sizes, disciplines (and tempers, ugh) since elementary school. Primarily focusing on hunters through my teen years, I explored the western disciplines during college, riding cutters and reiners, all the while working as a Veterinary Technician.  

After my undergraduate years, I started climbing the corporate ladder in the architecture and construction industry.  I then purchased a young horse to train myself, which rekindled my interest in learning all I could about horses.  After leaving the corporate world to focus on a Master's degree, I taught english and western lessons.  


A chance encounter lead me to the barn of a three time Olympian and I began my education as a Professional Groom.  Years later, I took the opportunity to work with another Olympian to design, project manage, and remodel a farm, barn, and house.  At some point along the way I picked up another horse...yikes.  You will see both of them serve as my "models" and guinea pigs throughout this site.  

Now I enjoy serving you on this "project" I call Pro Equine Grooms.  Please help me spread the word!  I work on Pro Equine Grooms almost every day, it's now my full time job.  It's not a hobby for me, it's a company that serves the horse industry and will leave a huge mark.  Ready to join me?