Our Mission is:

 To acknowledge Professional Equine Grooms as skilled individuals in their respective discipline.  To provide support, education and growth opportunities for Professional Equine Grooms. 

To educate and share knowledge about what it's like to be a Professional Groom with horse owners and horse lovers everywhere, regardless of their official role in the horse industry. 


Our Vision and Growth Plan is:

To create a community for Professional Equine Grooms which supports their short and long term career needs.  To provide resources for employment, continuing education, and benefits.  To assist Professional Equine Grooms in creating a well respected and skilled professional profile.  Because we are in charge of turning the mud pie (pictured below) into the international superstar.  And it's not easy!


It's no easy task to get this innocent looking mud pie ready for the show ring!


This community will encompass Professional Equine Grooms across all of the equine disciplines, including, but not limited to Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Racing, Polo, Western Disciplines, Driving, Vaulting and Saddleseat.  A Professional Equine Groom is defined as an individual working in a support position in an equine setting focusing on the day to day care of horses.

While our primary purpose is to support the professional development of an Equine Groom, we welcome Trainers, Owners, and Riders into our community.  We can all learn from each other, and we are all here for the same reason, the horse. 

This community also emcompasses the horse lover, and strives to set the example of how horses can be taken care of.  Grooming is more about health than shine, and Professional Grooms have lots to share with everyone in the horse industry about what it takes to care for horses.  Proequinegrooms.com also strives to share with horse owners and horse lovers about the life of a Professional Groom, in order to raise awareness about Grooms and the horse industry in general.