Pro Equine Grooms - FAQ's!!


How does Pro Equine Grooms "work"? 


Well, it works in one of two ways.  You guys give me ideas for topics to write about, or I think them up myself.  Fair warning - the topics that I come up with are usually boring, dry, and unimaginative.  When you give me questions or situations or problems, I get really inspired to research for you and write creative and funny stuff.  

I also have a few great companies that I work with - check out their banners to the right of your screen.  I'm picky about what companies are represented here, as I need to truly believe in their products!  We are all fortunate that they are supportive of Grooms and horse owners everywhere.  (Our mission is their mission!)  Every product is tested on my own personal horse before I will even begin to consider sharing that info with you. 


How can I get a question answered?


Of course you can email me, liv @ with your question.  That's the best way to reach me.  I check email daily, but I often forget about the inboxes of social media (oops).  You can also find me on (what seems like) hundreds of social media sites.  Tweet me, Facebook message me, Instagram me, you name it.  I'll do my best to get back to you in a short amount of time.  

Most often, your question will already have an answer in the form of a very entertaining (I hope) article that is already on the website.  The homepage of includes a handy dandy search feature you can use to find loads of info on what you are seeking.  



Have you ever been stumped by a question? 

No.  Just kidding!!  All the time!  I have roughly 700 articles on the website, new ones added weekly.  All articles are thoroughly researched, and for those articles that are related to Veterinary care, Farrier work, or other Professional job, I ask Professionals in that field to review the information.  Even after riding for decades, grooming for the cream of the crop, and owning my own horses, I still need to dig deep for most articles.   I also routinely find myself reading my own articles to brush up on topics, or when I'm stumped at the barn!  

Can I contribute a photo or an article? 


Yes!!  I love to see and share your photos!  It’s very easy to drop me an email liv @ with a photo, or post one to the facebook wall. 

I’m also happy to chat with you about contributing an article for the website.  I have a section called Guest Blogs that hosts some great articles by other horse lovers.  If you have an article idea, I’d love to hear about it!  I draw the line at articles that have sly little links to other websites - the premise behind Guest Blogs is that you tell a story - your experience, your expertise.  


How many people work at 

ONE.  One person, me, does all of it.  PHEW.  I do have “helpers” and I use that term very loosely - the Cats of the House, Orange Kitty and his Sidekick Cat, Zips.  They are both fairly useless, they interfere a lot, and they like to demand extraneous things like food and water when I’m at my busiest.  What the heck? 




What does Liv of Pro Equine Grooms actually DO all day?  


Well, when I first started, I was also working a big time full time job as the property manager of a lovely farm.  It soon became obvious that there was no way I could make this website work and have a job, so adios to the job and now I work full time and then some on  I’m the writer, webmaster, email responder, phone answerer, and master planner all in one.  


I spend my mornings at the barn grooming, getting inspired, doing product testing, taking photos, getting ideas, pestering my barn friends for ideas (to prevent me writing about stuff like “how to get the new barn paint to dry fast”).  


My afternoons, evenings, and weekends are spent writing, editing, working on the website.  An easy day working on is when I have some great new articles to post, a hard day is when the server goes kaboom.  I’m also responding to kazillions of emails, social media posts, and phone calls.  


I'm really lucky to have those amazing companies working with me, so much of my time is helping them get the word out.  This also pays the bills, so as much love as you can share with them is great.  


If I’ve been to a special event, like a show or an expo, I spend loads of time photo editing too.  And that’s about it!! Not so fancy, but great fun!




What other questions do you have for me?