Just For Fun...


I hope everyone will enjoy and participate in this "just for fun" section. We can all get a laugh here - we have difficult jobs and we need to blow off steam!



Please also email me at liv@proequinegrooms.com if you have an idea for "just for fun!"



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Origins of Horse Phrases - Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

A brief look into the history of some common horse phrases!

The Pumpkin Spiced Horse

Fall brings out the pumpkin spice in all of us - even the horses!

The Unofficial Rules of Grooming and Horsemanship

The beginnings of a list of how horse's love to prove us wrong, practice Murphy's law, and generally like to keep us humble!

Top Ten Signs You Know You Are A Groom

Just for fun - a list of some things that, without a doubt, make you a horse Groom.