Welcome to Guest Blogs!!  

Please let me know if you are interested in submitting a guest blog!  You don't need to be a Groom - although that would be nice....Our Guests can be any Horse Professional that has a story about Grooms.  Or Grooming.  Or a really funny Blooper story.  (just to get the ball rolling!)



Beyond Grooming - by Michelle

Beyond Grooming tells the story of Michelle, and how working as a Groom influenced her, and landed her a pretty sweet deal!

Exercises to make Grooming Easier

Specific stretches and exercises to gear you up for a long day of grooming.

Dana Cooke - An Eventing Groom's view of the Pan Ams

Our friend, Dana Cooke, is the Assistant Equestrian Director for The Forks, in NC. This is her story about the trip to the Pan Ams.

Zen and The Art of Grooming

A new way to think of Grooming - more listening and less chore. Everyone wins.

There's stall cleaning, and there's STALL CLEANING.

Sure, most of us know how to pick a stall. Do you know how to do it Backstretch style?

The Mom as Groom, or the Groom as Mom.

A very special sub-set of Grooms, also known as the Mom. This is the story of Marcia Cooper, and her experiences as a Groom. I mean Mom. OK, both!

Massage Therapy!

What is it like to be a massage therapist? What is it all about?

Ground Manners - Make Your Job Safer!

Understand how horses think to improve their ground manners.

Cross Tie Behavior

How to help your horse to understand staying quiet and still in the cross ties.

Working with the Horse That Paws

How to deter a horse that paws in his stall or cross ties.

Find a Helmet that Fits!

Tips and tricks for finding the perfect fitting helmet!

The Care and Feeding of your Helmet

Some great ideas and guidelines for caring for your new helmet.

So there's a new horse in the barn!

A great blog by our friend Fiona Dearing from Remote-Coach.com. She chats about what to expect as your new horse joins your barn!

The main reason to be prepared - calling a dressage test!

Some great tips and tricks for a Groom to use when calling a dressage test.

What NASC Means for Your Horse

How the NASC can make your life as a groom and horse owner easier for you! Learn how the NASC works with supplement companies.

Patting your horse - yes, no, maybe so??

Kim Wende from Passionate Horsemanship shares her thoughts on positive reinforcement, patting, and horse training.

Outside the Horsebox - what an American learned in the UK

Heather Daniels from Outside the Horsebox shares her experiences with learning a "new language" when she moved from the US to the UK.

Herbs, Essential Oils, and Horses!

A history of herbs and essential oils, and how they can be used for the benefit of your horse!

More on Herbs, Essential Oils, and Horses!

Loads more info on how herbs, essential oils, and horses can go hand in hand.

Are You Getting What You Need From Your Job and Your Riding?

Many of us face obstacles in our horse riding and our jobs with horses. Learn to spot the signs of burn out and what to do about it!