Just For Fun...


I hope everyone will enjoy and participate in this "just for fun" section. We can all get a laugh here - we have difficult jobs and we need to blow off steam!



Please also email me at liv@proequinegrooms.com if you have an idea for "just for fun!"



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The Pumpkin Spiced Horse

Fall brings out the pumpkin spice in all of us - even the horses!

The Unofficial Rules of Grooming and Horsemanship

The beginnings of a list of how horse's love to prove us wrong, practice Murphy's law, and generally like to keep us humble!

Top Ten Signs You Know You Are A Groom

Just for fun - a list of some things that, without a doubt, make you a horse Groom.

Brag Board

What have you done at work or a show that has been heroic? Have you caught a colic? What about helping a client? What about helping another Groom?

What's your Pet Peeve?

What's your pet peeve at the barn???

Perhaps a new tagline?

Let's have some fun!! How many new and creative taglines can we come up with for Grooms?

Bad Horse Jokes

Sometimes, you just need to have a good laugh at a really bad joke.

Bailing Twine VS. Duct Tape

The first "just for fun" match up. Enter your best USE for either, we will see what handy tool wins!!


Just for fun - this is a page where we can all share our funny bloopers that happen at work.