Why did I take on this huge endeavor?  It feels like herding cats right now!!


I wrote this post in early August of 2011.  I had just jumped off the deep end without checking for water in the pool.  

The past week has whizzed by.  I feel compelled to tell each and every one of you how thankful I am for your support.  I have received so many messages of support, thanks, and ideas for the future.  And I have so much to do - so many ideas - so much tweaking….but I remembered today that no one has asked me WHY I started this.  I'm going to tell you anyway….


Several years ago, I was working for an Olympic rider.  I worked part time as I was finishing my thesis and needed to get away from my office and library a few days a week.  One of the other gals at the barn mentioned to me that she worked about 90 hours that week and wouldn’t it be nice if Grooms had a union.  Ha Ha Ha, right??  Just being loopy after such a long week.  


Years later, I trashed my hand in a non-work accident.  Just before the Olympic trials in 2008 (awesome timing, right??)  I couldn’t work.  I couldn’t ride.  I couldn’t drive.  (I’m old school, love the stick shift!)


So, if you see a picture of me now, I have dark, dark hair.  Really I’m a blonde, and therefore it took me a while to do the math…..What do you do if you are a Groom and you can’t work.  Or you are out of work.  Or you need more work.  Or you need more education.  Or you want to learn more. Or you don't know where to start.  Or you just need to hang with some other Grooms.  


Grooms need SOMETHING to unify us.

To Educate us.

To Help us succeed.

To Prepare us for unexpected events.

To raise the Standard of how we work.

To help us find Jobs. 

To increase our Visibility in the industry.

To Acknowledge us for what we do.

I also realized that horse owners out there need tips.  Ideas.  Problems solved.  Knowledge.  Learning about how the pro Grooms do things.  Getting inspired by the best of the best of horse sports.  


All sorts of other Equine Professionals have groups - farriers, trainers, vets, massage therapists, jockeys...but no Grooms….What’s wrong with this picture??


And so the Professional Equine Grooms was born.  But only in my brain.  Swirling around.  Gaining momentum, and then falling flat.  And then back up to speed.  So I spent the time to write a business plan and gather market data.  And what I found was that after surveying 30 industry members, about 99% of them saw no value in an organization like this.  Awesome.


By this time, I had already started www.facebook.com/proequinegrooms.   But my market research (which IS statistically relevant and correct) told me to abandon ship.  So I did.


The idea died.  


I moved on, looking into other ideas I have.  None of them seemed to be what I really wanted to do.  And then one day I logged onto Facebook, and noticed that for months, without doing a single post, the fan base had doubled.  


“OK”, I thought…..I’ll see where this goes…..and where it went was here.  

***In the five years I have been around - I have posted over 600 horse care articles.  I'm not even close to empty on ideas.****


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