How do you remember those amazing horses?

Grooms can have amazing experiences in their work!  Yes, we work long and hard.  Yes, we are “behind the scenes” mostly.  We also get to know our horses inside and out, top to bottom, dawn to dusk, sometimes overnight, too.  We travel with them, cater to their every whim, and know their quirks.  Becoming attached and bonded to our horses is part of the deal.  The same is true for our own horses.  

How do we remember and cherish our horses after they have been sold, passed on, retired, or when we have moved on?  


Show off show photos at the barn!


-Photos.  When I was grooming, my phone was of the dinosaur variety, with no camera.  Taking pictures of my favorite horses are their most quirky or comical moments was darn near impossible.  Now, I snap so many photos of my horses that I’m sure one day my phone will actually tell me to knock it off.  

-Show winnings. It's great to find an unusual way to display ribbons (on trees, quilts, framed, shadow boxes).  I am also fortunate to have a few coolers and pads that were awarded to the horses in my care over the years.  (I actually use them….makes me think my own horses could go to the Olympics….good to dream, right!!)


Migs is modeling the winner's cooler of the GP Freestyle.  While he did not actually do it, he has come up with several versions in his paddock.  No extra points for mud, Migs. 


-Horse shoes.  I have a shoe from my favorite horses over the years.  Have you done something special with them or are they sitting in a drawer?  


Fancy ribbon displays! 


-Jewelry -  I'm amazed that you can now turn your horse's tail into jewelry!  So many options!


What sort of mementos do you keep from your favorite horses?