How to blow your tax return on your horse!  


Is there any other way, really?  So you have some awesome options once that handy dandy tax return comes back to you.  And honestly, your horse deserves it. 


-Revamp his wardrobe.  You have thoughtfully organized all of his clothing this spring cleaning season so you know what he “needs”.  You have tossed the ratty old things, time to replace.  New saddle pads, new leg protection, new blankets.  This is the time to buy blankets - lots of sales out there!

-Revamp your wardrobe.  Are you hitting the show circuit this year?  Try on your show clothes - are they still in style?  Do they still fit?  Do they match your current horse? What about your boots for riding and trolling around the barn?  What about that special pair of boots that you have had your eye on for months?


All of the pretty shoes....

-Spoil your horse.  Blow your tax return on new grooming supplies, brushes, and all sorts of yummy smelling things to make him pretty.  What about his diet?  Have you been meaning to try that new joint supplement?  Does he need a massage?  (Do YOU need a massage?)


-Invest in your horse’s health.  Was winter hard on him, and now he’s having trouble getting back into shape?  Have the Veterinarian out for a full body workup - lameness exam, bloodwork, dental care, chiropractic work, the whole enchilada.  Do the things you split up throughout the year.  


Chriropractics and acupuncture make can help your horse feel his best!


-Take some preventative measures!  Use your tax windfall to invest in goodies that will help him stay healthy.  Ice therapy helps his legs, ceramic blankets help his back, a properly fitting saddle helps you AND him.  Have an Equine Nutritionist design the best diet for him or spring for the joint supplement - lots of preventative things to do!


-Put some money into your future as a horse owner - attend a show, take extra lessons, treat yourself to that BNT clinic that’s coming up.  Plan a trip to a horse expo to soak up some valuable info, try a new discipline to cross train your horse.  Many possibilities here!


How would you spend your tax refund?