My Anti Horseperson-Troll Re-Illusionment Plan


Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I’m just so disillusioned with some horse people that I can barely open my computer!  In the past weeks alone I have been bombarded with “dressage is evil”, “BNT so and so is suspended for GABA”,  “soring this, soring that”.  What I see is a lot of armchair quarterbacks pointing fingers, coming up with ridiculous hypotheses, and spreading negativity and false information. I agree, the topics need discussion and solutions - but why so much hostility and trolling?  I'm over it.  

That being said, I have undergone a sort of disillusionment over the years that has not kept me out of the barn, but it’s kept me at arms length away from horse sports and following all of the news/drama that comes with it.  And yes, I was a Professional Groom who went to shows.  But really - being at the shows in a working capacity is not the same as looking at a two minute video clip or photo on your computer and publicly declaring everything what you think is wrong with that horse, judge, sport, rider, journalist, commentator, steward.  I wonder what would happen if every negative comment was changed to something positive.  Would that positive energy become contagious?  I hope so.  


This guy keeps me *mostly* grounded.  I try and remember that when I'm not at the barn. 


I have to remember that I work with horses because they are amazing, and I can influence their health and fitness for a better life.  That’s powerful.  I also own a GP horse (now retired), so I know what goes into going down centerline and keeping your horse (and yourself) happy and healthy.  That's powerful. I’ve worked in TOP barns and been able to help backyard beginner horse owners have a better relationship with their horses.  That’s powerful.  I’ve done more research into every single horse grooming related topic I can come up with and it’s enough to fill an encyclopedia.  That’s powerful.  But it’s not enough to keep my blood from bubbling when the internet trolls come out.  


So I have become a bit bitter, I’m human, that’s allowed.  But it’s also my responsibility to get over myself, find the love again, and just plain deal.  So this is my anti horseperson-troll re-illusionment plan to get the love back:

-I must first STOP reading the comments for any controversial post. 

-Search for answers and ideas, instead of criticism.  

-Remember why I love horses - what I can do for them, not what they can do for me. 

-Just freaking breathe. 

-Decipher gossip from fact.  

-Focus on the big picture - helping Grooms and horse owners. 

-Appreciate every step I take with my own horses.  

-Appreciate every bad ride I have. 

-Be grateful and thankful.  About every horse, every ride, every day, every comment, all of it. 

-Set the example.   


No computer here and it's awesome!


I know that my articles about how to read a feed bag or how to get stains out of your horse will not redefine horse sport and not go viral and have a trillion likes.  (YET)  I also know that those articles will help someone, at sometime, help their horse. (THAT HAPPENS NOW) That’s why I do this.  


PS - I count myself lucky, as in the few years I have been creating priceless works of horse care wisdom for you, the troll factor is about nada.  I can’t thank you all enough for that.