What’s on your HORSE bucket list? 

When I first started brainstorming ideas for this, I was only focused on the fun, wild, and amazing adventures you can have with horses.  And then it occurred to me that there are many horse bucket list items that are sad, magical, necessary, and part of life.  So is this really a bucket list, or simply a list of things that I want to experience, good and bad, in my life with horses.  


I can sort of break my own horse bucket list up into a few categories:


  • Really want to do, involves an airplane ride.
  • Really want to do, involves a boatload of liquid courage.  
  • Really want to do, involves giving back.  
  • Don’t really want to do, but it’s important.


So, for the airplane ride stuff I find myself dreaming of a few things:

-Gallop ponies along the shores of Ireland.

-Ride and swim horses in some tropical paradise where you can see the ocean bottom for miles from shore. 

-Attend the equestrian portions of the Olympics.

-Tolt Icelandic horses across a winter wonderland in Iceland. 

-Visit Africa and see the wildlife from the back of a horse. 


For the liquid courage portion of the future, I would like to:

-Gallop a racehorse.

-Ride the XC course at Rolex. 



-Drive a team of Clydesdales.  (I know, not as fast as the previous ideas, but panic inducing because of the steering factor and the OMG how many reins do I have in my hand and who are they attached to??)


For the giving back activities, I have on my horse bucket list to:

-Adopt and retrain a racehorse. 

-Work at a rescue organization and nurse a horse back to health. 

-Work my hardest to be sure all Grooms everywhere have worker’s comp insurance. 

-Bottle feed a foal. 


And for the totally sappy stuff, I give you:


-Hold your horse’s head while he is put to sleep.

-Evacuate horses to safety from a natural disaster. 

-Help a foal come into this world. 

-Retire a horse to an amazing, huge pasture with lots of buddies. 



What’s on your horse bucket list??