My time at Equine Affaire!

My time at Equine Affair can be summarized briefly here:



-Terrifying. (It’s public speaking.  It’s real.)

-Did I just stalk an Olympian and get a selfie?


-So many new ideas. 

-Great new friends made

-Lots of great audience questions!


I'm in the program on the same page as Lendon and Julie....*swoon*


I made the trek up to Massachusetts to do some public speaking about what I know - Grooming!  I gave five talks over two days - Tack and leather care, Senior horse care, Leg and Hoof care, Getting ready for a show, and Weird things you find when grooming.  The most terrifying thing about public speaking is not knowing how big your audience will be - will anyone show up to my talks?  THEY DID!!  I had great crowds, with even better questions.  My talk on leather care was packed, and tons of great questions were asked.  Luckily - no one was able to stump me, but they tried…  


This is Natasha from A Pampered Pony... another clinician and a magician with clippers!


Some of the best questions from the audience- 

  • How do I stop my saddle from staining my breeches?  Saddles that bleed color are usually over-oiled!


  • What supplements should my older horse be getting?  Older horses often have trouble digesting food and getting proper vitamins.  Your Vet can help you pick out a pre/pro biotic and a good all around supplement. 


  • What’s the best way to deal with scratches when my horse stands in mud?  Clean and dry heals scratches!  You may want to find a turnout with mats, gravel, or sand.  Keep the affected leg area clean, cover if necessary. 


  • Can I braid my horse the night before a show?  Yes !  If you know your horse won’t rub them out.  Use a hood or slinky to keep shavings out.  


  • At what point is dry leather unsafe?  Can I oil the life back into it?  Once leather cracks, it’s strength is gone.  You may be able to oil back some flexibility and color, but not strength.  


Equine Affaire is huge, wonderful, and amazing.  Lots of buildings loaded with vendors, food (funnel cake anyone?) and demonstrations.  Only the best english and western clinicians, including some Olympians.  This is when I started to throw all caution to the wind and walk right tup to them - and get some photos!  Can’t help it. 


A shakey camera in low light = arty shot of me and Michael Barisone


Another Olympian - Lendon Gray! 

I also spent some time at the Shapley’s booth - with good friend Sally.  We talked to loads of people about their horses, their backgrounds, and grooming.  I also connected with Natasha from A Pampered Pony, this lady can clip a horse!  There was also some time spent with the gals from Equine Management Training Center!  Their program, in Virginia, teaches you how to become a Professional Groom.  Hands on training, housing, and internships with job placement after your graduate.  


The Shapley's booth - Sally and I



Sam and I at the Equine Management Training Center Booth!


There’s a lot of walking to do - hence the blister - but worth every step.  The best part for me?  Besides talking with loads of folks and hearing all of their horse stories.... The interactive displays in one building.  Lots of "inside" information about horses - and these giant horse skeletons!  


The did get the correct distance!


Another awesome display!


And then the shopping......:)  Next year I need to bring an extra empty suitcase....