Are your Naughty or Nice?  9 Ways to Tell!

Just in time for Santa to finalize his list.... I put together a list of naughty and nice horse owner behaviors, and sort of combined it with a holiday wish list for your friends and family to go shopping for you!


Naughty:  All nylon halters!  These don't break if your horse becomes stuck. 

Nice:  A new halter with a leather, break-away crown piece.  All nylon halters don’t break, but a leather break-away crown piece will snap and free your horse if he decides to get stuck on something.  Perhaps ask for a new halter to match his new polos and saddle pad?  



Naughty:  Only having one type of curry comb. 

Nice:  Expand your curry comb collection to include different styles.  From flexible to super stiff, you can clean all of your horse’s nooks and crannies and give a major scratching to all of his itchy places with an expanded collection of curry combs.  I love the soft fold-able ones for legs and faces!


Naughty:  Not wrapping legs for a trailer ride! 

Nice:  Ask for a new pair of shipping boots or a set of quilts and bandages.  Naked legs in the trailer are usually not the issues, it’s the loading or unloading.  One slip off the bumper or ramp and your horse’s delicate legs can be hamburgered.  Again, a great opportunity to color coordinate. 



Naughty: Gross feed bins.  

Nice:  Easy to clean, new feed bins!  If you go to shows regularly, go for a bright and unique color so that they are less likely to be mistaken for someone else's.  Neon green, anyone?  A set of matching water buckets is a good idea, too!



Naughty: Cold bits in the winter!  Take the time to warm them up. 

Nice:  Either wear your bridle under your jacket as you do barn chores, use a hot towel, or some other bit warming method.  A small heater on a timer in the tack room can be put next to the bridles also.  No small tack room heater?  Santa can remedy. 


Naughty: Mounting from the ground all the time. 

Nice:  Using a mounting block to softly swing a leg over.  Every horse should be able to be ground mounted, but save the strain on his body by using a block.  I love the mounting blocks with the built in handle and also a top that opens for additional storage.  Great for lunge lines ringside. 



Naughty: Being a gossipy rail bird. 

Nice:  Realizing that every horse and owner relationship is different, unknown to you, and none of your business.  This cuts down on barn gossip!  If you can't seem to quit the gossip, ask for a new set of ear buds so you can listen to music at the barn instead of getting sucked into drama. 



Naughty:  Letting your horse be a bully! 

Nice:  Teaching him proper manners, so that other horses and other people won’t be injured.  Get a good trainer to help you if you get stuck, no one likes to be around an obnoxious horse.  Ask for lessons, training books, and training videos to get your ground work game going well. 


Almost there!  The folded down window has a screen, but if you travel down the road with only the bars, lots of debris can land on your horse's head.  


Naughty:  Not having screens on your horse’s trailer.  We all know what a rock can do to a windshield, I don’t even want to think about your horse’s eye! 

Nice:  Adding a screen to a window, you can buy them from most online tack stores!  For stock trailers a trip to the home improvement store can set you up with screen material and the tools to install it.  I found some great screens in plaid patterns, or plain black is fine, too!


Which column do you fall into?