Rolex. Kentucky. Three. Day. Event. 

WOW.  This was my first year to attend, and I really only knew a few things were likely:  Rain, lots and lots of people, super shopping, and world class top international riders and horses.  Oh - and GIGANTIC cross country jumps.  


It’s really a hroseman’s paradise - the Kentucky Horse Park is legit beautiful and wonderfully designed.  There are all of the horse show perks you would come to expect - nice restrooms, comfy stadium seats, tons of food options, adult beverages, super shopping.  But there’s also some great perks for the horses - super security, wonderful footing, tons of space to warm up, and zillions of volunteers to make sure the horses and spectators get the best views of each other while staying safe.  


So what did I do?  Mainly I walked around, pointed at amazing things, gasped, and took pictures.  I bumped into Boyd, Sir Mark, Phillip.  There were tons of autograph signings - which for me means plenty of awkward OMG’s.  I also connected with amazing friends and people. My dear friend Sally from Shapleys, the entire Pony Club staff, the ladies from World Class Grooming, and the team behind the Equine Management Training Center.  I also met new friends, I signed my first autograph!!  



And then I took loads of photos.  Some of my favorites:



Head over heels for Rolex!  The wicked long drive made me crunchy, but some Rolex Yoga got the kinks out.  Stop, drop, and Rolex.  


My friend Hannah showing off her creds....  She's a Veterinary Technician who treats the best of the best!


Emma Ford and Mighty Nice!  Emma is Phillip Dutton's Barn Manager, and co-author (with Cat Hill) of World Class Grooming. 


Cat Hill dropped by to do some grooming demos!  Here she talking quite seriously (not really) about braiding manes.  


This is Amber and Jason - My first autograph signing!  :)


The winner!!  Michael Jung!!  #wowsers


Me, Cat Hill, and Sam Henley from Equine Management Training Center.


What I looked like at Rolex.  What I was saying:  "HOLY SMOKES it's ____________ (famous rider) on ____________ (famous horse)"


I casually bumped into this guy... Sir Mark Todd.... we are now BFF's...  He was hand grazing!  #kiwi


 And now for some horse action!!


The amazing arena - home to both dressage and show jumping!



Mighty Nice and Phillip Dutton - just casually meandering out of the dressage court as the crowd goes wild...  So relaxed and lovely!


The dressage test is full of flying changes - I caught Veronica and her rider Lauren mid change.


Sir Mark Todd's and his horse's amazing shark's teeth!


Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Cubalawn - they finished 5th overall!


Lauren Kieffer and Veronica - these two finished in second place!


Joe Meyer and his mount Clip Clop!


Buck Davidson and Park Trader!


Laine Ashker and Anthony Patch!


Buck again - flying by!


 Holly Payne Caravella and Never Outfoxed.



Meet me there next year!