Ten Things to Know about Dating a Groom 


The Groom Significant Other is commonly known as the GSO because I just made it up.  Please forward this to every potential date that you have, it’s only fair to give them a bit of a heads up.  


Some reasons why GSO’s are AWESOME:  

-GSO’s can drive anything. Scooters and golf carts to dually diesels with six horses behind us.  If you are nice we will give you lessons in how to parallel park your truck with a flatbed behind it.  


-GSO’s have the upper body strength of Hercules.  Moving to a new apartment?  Don’t bother calling your guy friends, we deal with 1,100 lb horse dorks and stack hay for a living.  


- GSO’s don’t complain about weather, dirt, or manure.  But we might tell you to “put your big girl panties on” if we hear you complaining about a chill in the air.  


-Your pasty and chalky skin from days in the office cubicle will look downright spiffy next to your GSO’s farmer tan.


-Your work drama pales in comparison the GSO’s barn drama. You will always be the sane one.


-There won’t be any fighting, only swift corrections followed by praise.  And a sugar cube if you are lucky!


-GSO’s are bad with people names.  When you accompany us to a show (and you will), be prepared to introduce yourself to everyone as the GSO only knows horse names.  


A few warnings about dating a Groom:


-You will never win an eating contest. EVER.  Long, hard days at the barn make for one heckofa appetite come dinner.  Be careful in fancy restaurants, you may want to stick to buffets.  


-If you want nail polish and makeup and hair spray in a GSO, it may happen, but it’s going to take you springing for a spa day. 


-Forgive the GSO if you are clucked at.  Habit.  (At the same time, please hurry up!!)