Top Ten Ways to Have Fun While Working at The Barn!


It’s not always fun to work as hard as we do at the barn - long days, on your feet, all sorts of weather.  I think we all have a choice (yes, a CHOICE) to have either a bad day or a good day.  Or you can take it one step further and say it’s a choice between having a good day or an EXCELLENT day.  


So I asked my buddies at the barn for their “secrets” to making every day excellent-ish.  Some days are harder than others.  


  • Keep a positive mood in the barn.  Moods are contagious, and while you can have a bad day, let everyone else’s good mood peer pressure you into having a good day. 


The horses are a great source of entertainment, too!


  • Play games when you and your barn mates are cleaning tack, grooming horses, mucking stalls, doing chores.  Some favorite games came up:

If your horse was a car, high schooler, human, celebrity, which would he be and why?

If your horse was human, what would his job be?

Share your embarrassing bloopers? 


  • Break up the day with breaks.  You need to do this.  In many cases, it’s the law!  Make time for a proper, sit down lunch.  Again, you are likely entitled to this according to state and federal employment laws (for hourly employees).  These breaks recharge your batteries and fill your belly.


  • Have a dance party.  Listen to some music as you do your chores and don’t be afraid to let the rhythm get you, Gloria Estefan style.  




  • Spend quality time with your horses.  Grooming, playing with, just get close to them and snuggle.  Find some time and just spend it, no to do list, no pressing task.


  • Have good snacks.  You don’t need to have healthy stuff all the time, popsicles are fine too.  


No barn freezer is complete without IceHorse packs and popsicles.  


  • Make sure your boss is leading by example - a happy boss has happy workers.  Find a barn that feels right for working, lessons, or boarding.  


  • Stay open to learning.  Everyone can teach you something, even if its what not to do.  I find myself looking up tidbits of trivia about the bugs, critters and wildlife that I see at the barn.  (Did you know that male box turtles can have red eyes?)


  • Start the Nickname Olympics.  Every horse needs about a million nicknames.  


  • Work as a team when you can.  This makes dreaded chores easier and more fun!


These goofballs, despite having a mesh lingerie bag, prefer to do things old school and untangle miles of standing wraps the hard way.  Teamwork. 


  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Yes, stuff should be clean, healthy, well taken care of.  But no one will perish in a huge tragic ball of flames if you accidentally don’t use a tiny toothbrush and a magnifying glass to clean the saddle this one time.  Case in point, this article actually has eleven ideas.  Oh well!

How do you have some fun at the barn?