THE WEF Groom's Class - Week 12


When I think of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) - I think of a few things:

-Warm winter horse shows at one of the most amazing venues.

-International riders just riding around.  (Starstruck!)

-Alligators (although Wellington is full of canals, I have yet to see an alligator but I feel like they are there in the millions)

-The most amazing international ring with a great bridge so you can get a bird’s eye view of horses in and out.

-And also the most amazing Groom’s Classes. 


WEF is a 12 week extravaganza of horses.  Three times a season, during Weeks 4, 8, and 12, WEF is also the host to a Groom’s Class, presented by Shapley’s.  As you know, Shapley’s leads the charge to bringing Groom’s Classes back as a regular fixture in horse shows.  This year, I flew to Wellington to be a part of the show and the Groom’s Class.  AMAZING!!

I thought I would highlight some of the hard working Grooms and share some great photos of the competitors.  


Sixth Place went to Alonzo Esparza! He presented Vertigo, owned by Olivia Magliochetti and Trained by Patricia Harness and Holly Hill Farm.


Fifth Place went to Juan Lopez!  He presented Brisco, owned by Mackenzie Hamill and trained by Stepping Stone Farm’s Monty Kelly. 


Fourth Place went to Jose Cortez!  He presented Waterfall, owned by Jennifer Combs and trained by Patricia Harness of Holly Hill Farms.


Third Place went to Rene Murillo!  He presented Darwin, owned by Libertos Farm and trained by Davenport, Inc. 


Second Place went to Miguel Mendosa!  He presented Freddy, trained by Stepping Stone Farm!  Miguel also won second place in the Groom’s Class a few weeks earlier and came back!  It’s so great to familiar faces in these classes. 


First Place went to Israel Gomez!  Israel presented Miley, owned by Serena Gerry and trained by Davenport, Inc.  Serena was on ringside for the class, and was by far the most enthusiastic spectator in all of the land.  This was Israels first Groom’s class, and he admitted to being skeptical at first.  Turns out he was not so skeptical about winning.  I’m pretty sure he will be back for next year’s classes!



It’s great fun to be a part of these Groom’s Classes.  My hope is that all shows will host Groom’s Classes - it’s up to all horse people to spread the word and support Grooms.  We can’t do it without the audience!