The Western States Horse Expo - Pomona, CA!!!

I spent some time in Pomona CA this past weekend as a Clinician at the Western States Horse Expo!  This is how it happened:  I was contacted, I said yes, I postponed worrying about stage fright.  I gave six talks - and it was loads of fun!  

I covered the following topics:

How to care for and protect your tack.

Hoof and leg care (this one I did twice!)

Weird things you find when grooming (this is a personal favorite, lots of gross stories to share!)

How to get ready for a show and keep your horse clean!

Advanced grooming techniques. 


I had bags and bags of props, too, like the squishy poultice, an assortment of grooming tools, some busted up reins, "Frank" the Ice Horse leg, and some of my favorite tack cleaners.  


I met awesome folks before, during and after my talks.  It was great to be able to hear stories about everyone’s horse and help them figure out the best grooming plan.  It was also interesting to learn that the most common questions in person are also the most common questions via email and social media - how to keep a horse/mane/tail white, how to get rid of stains, tips for show packing, and how to ice legs.  

Every talk was followed by a Q and A, I was thrilled to meet loads of people!  This awesome lady, Rebecca, with this amazing western saddle purse (NEED) was a hoot and a half!  We talked long and hard about horses, Yosemite, and truck stop finds, like her purse!! 


I also spent a lot of time with Dr. Clair from Equine Summit Nutrition.  We have know each other for years, and it’s great to see her and catch up!  Strangely, we did not take a picture together this year?  But we did get lost going out to eat.  And yes both of us have navigation on our phones.  We also played around a bit, there was a great demo area with the Vaulters of Orange County Vaulting.  Loki Ohtara, one of the instructors, gave us both a lesson.  It was amazing!  I managed to do some upside down stuff without crashing.  (I think it's all of the yoga... combined with being punch drunk silly at the end of the day!)




Loki seems proud here and also my hair seems kinda wild?


Here's Dr. Clair getting in on the vaulting action!!


I also spent considerable time shopping….and here’s what I noticed:

-Hot pink is the new orange is the new black.  Everything that could be made, was made in traditional colors, and also hot pink.  If I had a dollar for every hot pink lunge line I saw, I would be rich!


-Bling rules.  So does turquoise.  



-When you go to a Horse Expo, you need a cart, wagon, or professional wrestler to carry all of your bags of loot.  And if you hire a wrestler to carry your stuff, be sure he’s comfortable with hot pink stuff.  

-Wear comfortable shoes!  

-Take the time to meet the folks in the booths!  That was the best part of the entire weekend.  And, when timed just so, you can get your photo taken with someone totally cool, like Julie Goodnight!  I also got to meet Jim Masterson from the Masterson Method and Will Friday from Performance Equine Bodywork!  Of course there were some “geeking out moments” when I forgot how to string sentences into words and stuff….



-Take some time to talk to the knowledable folks that represent your favorite stuff.  I hung out with my long time friend Susan Hoffman Peacock and the two Michelles at Triple Crown Nutrition.  It's always great to ask questions, learn about new stuff, and meet some super folks.  


I’ll see you at the next event…..!