Things Grooms are good at away from the barn!


Grooms rule the it's no surprise that we can handle just about anything away from the barn.


  • Laundry - Getting something “too white” is the name of this game.  


  • Organizing parties and groups of people.  A Groom’s day is part organization, part cat herding, part fire putting out, and part mind reading.  Parties can be planned in our sleep.  


  • Making a week’s worth of brown bag lunches in one sitting.  Bam and it’s done. With proper labels, of course, we aren’t heathens.  


Tools of the trade!


  • MacGyver-ing everything in our universe.  Zip ties, bailing twine, duct tape, and stray pieces of leather tack can save us all.  The next big Hollywood movie about an asteroid hitting earth should really have a Groom as the star.  


  • Using nothing but a low growl to communicate to fellow drivers, the neighborhood dogs and sometimes even our friends.  Beware the low growl, folks, beware.  


  • Parallel parking.  Between the farm truck, the golf cart, and the tractor, we can drive it all.  And we drive it all WELL. 


  • Cutting our own bangs.  There is no mane that cannot be tamed with some combo of clippers, braids, mane mousse, scissors, or pulling.  Bangs are a walk in the park. 


  • Shining anything and everything.  Spit shines and elbow grease are the hallmark of a Pro Groom.  We carry those skills into our own homes.  Now, we don’t always have the time to put them to use in our homes, but the skills are there. 



  • Paperwork.  There is nothing, I repeat nothing, more complicated than a show entry form. Once that is mastered, the rest of the paperwork universe is a piece of cake. 





  • Lifting things.  Moving bags of mulch, getting ALL of the groceries into the house in one trip, flipping mattresses, and other laborious duties are all made simple from the hay stacking and manure slinging workouts. 


  • Packing.  Think it’s tricky to pack for a week’s vacay to some exotic location?  Try packing for a horse that’s going to a show down the road, across state lines, to another country.  Think tetris. 


Admittedly, we are not good at EVERYTHING.  Super close, though.