Top Ten Reasons That You Should Become a Groom


-You love grooming horses and spending time with them.  Spending time with horses on your terms is totally different from spending time with them on a boatload of other terms, like the trainer’s schedule, the owner’s schedule, the Vet’s schedule, the Farrier’s schedule.  It’s a bit of a different deal, but you still must love horses and taking care of them!   


-You love horse shows, but you don’t necessarily like showing! Being a Groom is a great way to see the action up close and personal behind the scenes and ringside.  Show Grooms log lots of miles, meet tons of other Grooms and riders, and see some amazing shows! 


-Your friends describe you as “outdoorsy”.  Prefer A/C and a roof?  Grooming is not the job for you.  Camping in the wilderness is your idea of fun?  Grooming is a good fit.  As a Groom, the weather is perhaps the only thing that you will not be in charge of.  


-You are both a morning person and a night owl. Self explanatory!  


-You are considering going to Veterinary School, or you are tossing around ideas about getting into equine massage, horse training, saddle fitting, or farrier work.  Working as a Groom is a great introduction into the many different career paths you can take with horses.  


-You don’t have your own horse, and you want to be around them all the darn time.  Working as a Groom grants you the chance to care for multiple horses as if they were your own, minus the bills!  Some Grooming jobs also have opportunities for riding, in which case you just hit the jackpot if you love to ride! 


-You want the opportunity to travel.  Top riders globe trot!  Top Groom go with them, to Wellington, to Europe, to the Pan Ams, to WEG, to the Olympics.  Top Grooms also fly with horses, which is an adventure that most people only dream of!  


-You thrive on the little details while keeping the big picture in mind.  This means you can maintain the perfect mane and easily spot tiny specs of dirt from 50 paces, but it also means you can plan and execute a day, week, month.  


-You have a vision to own your own business, and you can do that as a Groom.  Many Grooms have their own small businesses by doing freelance work, braiding at horse shows, working as a full service clipper, you get the idea!  


-You want to learn all that you possibly can about horses.  No one else in the horse industry gets to care for horses like a Grooms, not even close.  Grooms are involved in so many aspects of horse care, this enables you to sponge up knowledge and smarts like no one else!  Take advantage of it!  


Why did you become a Groom, or why do you want to become a Groom?