Top Twelvish-ish Things That are Perfect Gifts for the Horse Lover!


This is my go-to list of gifts this holiday season for the horse lovers in my life.  And also a handy list off all of the things that my friends could send me this year… wink, wink….


  • Train Your Horse to Do Anything!  Written by Shawna and Vinton Karrash, this book takes you step by step into training your horse using a clicker as a bridge. 


Order from Shawna's website.


  • Tickets to Cavalia.  Make a weekend out of it!  This long running show will take your breath away!  It’s made even better if you travel to an exotic location to see it. 


  • Super awesome and warm, fuzzy waterproof boots.  There are few feelings worse than soggy socks when it’s cold outside.  Choose from leather, rubber, tall, short, you have about a million choices.  


  • World Class Grooming.  Written by Cat Hill and Emma Ford, learn to Groom from two of the most respected Grooms in the eventing world.  I know one thing for sure - no one knows more about leg care than eventing Grooms. 


  • A beautiful leather halter with a custom name plate.  These are classy, personalized, and last a lifetime with proper care.  They also make a wonderful memento for horses long past, a way to remember your friend. 


  • Bridle charms.  These little dangling charms personalize horse tack.  You can also use them on halters, blankets, key rings (my favorite!), necklaces, bracelets, you name it. 


  • Grooming gloves.  Perfect fit for grooming, giving you instant feedback from your horse. Great for the wash rack, and your barn dogs and cats will love it, too. 


These are from Hands On Gloves!


  • Something homemade from old tack.  When I decided to toss my horse’s flash noseband, I turned it into a bracelet and added a small plaque.  Be prepared to deep clean, add holes, shorten, and add a name plate.  Purse straps, belts, totes, you name it can be adapted with old tack.  


  • Stethoscope.  Nothing says “I love you” like a piece of medical equipment.  But it’s necessary, a great addition to a Vet Kit, and a tool that will last forever.  It can also help you hone your acting skills, you never know when the next doctor TV show will need your skills.   Dream big, right?



  • Professional photographs.  I know, your BFF has a huge collection of selfies and candids, but nothing compares to professional photography.  


  • Lessons from another discipline!  I’m a huge fan of learning from all different disciplines and methods - you will definitely learn something new, you may even find a new passion, and it’s hugely fun to try something new!


  • A nice journal.  A journal is a lovely way to record memories, lessons, and photos of horses.  Yes, a non-digital way to record memories.  


  • A cheesy (but much appreciated) coupon book - I would love for someone else to deep clean my tack!  To muck stalls for me!  To do load upon load of horse laundry!



What’s on your holiday shopping list for the horse lover in your life?  Or more realistically speaking, what you are going to buy for yourself?