The Things I Have Learned This Year - 2015 Recap


I have learned that you may move houses, cities, even states - but it’s always home where the horses are.   2015 took me, my family, the cats, and the horses from California to Virginia.  From perfect weather to seasons.  From sun and surf to bugs and winter.  The horses and I crossed many things off the bucket list - including flying!  We also discover the Land of Horse Salad - the east coast is basically covered in horse pasture.  No complaints from them. 



Horses on a plane.


I have learned that when dealing with internet trolls you have two choices: you let it get personal and under your skin, or you just don’t read the BS.  At some point this year, it dawned on me that sometimes I spent too much time pontificating about some troll.  So I stopped cold turkey - just as someone would stop smoking or break up with a boyfriend.  It’s freedom. I also really enjoy the "delete" button.  


Migs on some salad - as far as the eye can see.  No trolls here. 


I have learned that winter is cold.  And it’s about to be colder.  As the move to VA has shown me - seasons are real.  Winter is coming down the pipeline rapidly, and it’s been a crash course in getting the horses and myself ready. But truth be told they don’t seem to care, it’s only me that has to actually buy a winter coat, as the Cali jean jackets and windbreakers are just not going to cut it.  


I have learned that the way to make a difference in the world is to follow your mission - not someone else’s and chip away, slowly and surely.  And also to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  My audience (you guys) is always good about treading my serious “we need to change the horse industry by treating Grooms legally” stories.  And I appreciate it.  This year I learned about the worst of the worst job situations, and the best of the best job situations.  (Common denominator - it’s your choice).  So I will keep on creating fascinating articles about grooming and horses, sprinkled with the meat of why I do this - to educate the world about Grooms, grooming, and changing the horse industry for the better. 



Celebrate Grooms!!  All the time!!

I have learned that the only real way to learn about other disciplines is to go out and DO IT.   For years, I have held these false notions about what fox hunting is really like….and then went out and tried it.  And yes, I felt as if my hair was literally on fire, but I also learned that my “beliefs” about fox hunting were all false.  So now I challenge the western riders to take dressage lessons, the jumpers to try polo, the saddle seat riders to do some team penning, the dressage riders to do some endurance.  You get the idea.



Me!  At my first fixture!  Cubbing!  (See all of the words I know...!)


I have learned that life is short, so start crossing stuff off the bucket list.  This includes, but is not limited to, swimming with your horse, flying with horses, trying something new, and basically continuing to have an open mind about all things horses. 



Do it while you can!


I have learned to exercise more and eat well.   There is no better feeling than knowing you are taking care of you, and maximizing your health.  Your horse will appreciate it, and by exercising, you will have a whole new appreciation of your horse as an athlete.  You will also have your mind blown at what your own body is capable of doing - all doubt will be removed.  



Comet is ignoring my display of balance.  Figures.

I have learned that fears are often irrational and many times overcome by just doing it. Except for alligators - that’s a legit fear and no way, no how am I getting close to one of those bad boys.  In 2015, I ventured up to Massachusetts to do some public speaking at Equine Affaire.  No less than five topics in two days.  Also some stalking of Olympians, meeting all sorts of great horse owners, and also answering loads of horse grooming questions.  Fear of public speaking obliterated.  


Spending time in the Shapley's booth to answer grooming questions!


I have learned that I need to have a hobby (or two) and pursue it with gusto.  I learned long ago that just because I owned horses, worked in a job about horses, and basically lived horses all day, did not mean I couldn’t find other things to do.  And when I did it was GREAT.  My other two passions - yoga and photography - round me out and balance my days.  


One of my favorite photos that I have taken. 


What has your 2015 been like?  What have you learned?