Create a Smashing Reference List for your Resume! 

Getting a grooming job is tough!!   Your resume, references, and interview skills should be smashing and professional.  But how do you go about collecting references – who do you ask? 


As you are preparing your resume and references, think about the job description of a Groom and brainstorm other professionals that you have worked with or for while carrying out some of the tasks of a Pro Grooms.  For example, if you regularly jogged horses for your Veterinarian, he or she may be a great reference to tap.   You could also ask your Farrier, as he should be able to attest to your shoe pulling skills in an emergency.  If you worked on a farm and used the tractor to drag and you also have fence repair experience, ask the farm manager for a reference.  Your own trainer could also be the source of a great reference – no doubt your trainer has seen you groom, ride, deal with hot headed horses, and pack and travel to shows.  Are you a Pony Clubber?  Tap your teachers and trainers! 


My point is to “throw the box away” and seek references for your dream job description, instead of maybe just other horse folks that you know.  If you have a great former employer that can give a sparkling reference about your work ethic, great learning skills, and you dedication to finishing what you start, include this reference even if it’s not horse related. 


When you start putting together a reference list, be sure to get their permission to be used as a reference!  No one wants to be put on the spot. 


I can tell you from experience that I landed my first ever Grooming job (for an Olympian) without any prior grooming experience.  How?  I demonstrated my extensive horse skills with my references, even though my only jobs had ever been corporate, paper pushing jobs and a short stint teaching beginners!  Use your references to demonstrate your skills!!


What tips do you have for getting amazing references for a great horse industry job?