Question!  Where can I find "this" and "that" about Grooming Jobs, Employment Laws, Insurance Info, and other resources we need??

Answer!  HERE.  

This is the beginning of a big be patient as it grows and please let me know if there is a category you need!




Who to call (anonymously) if you need to report a person or trainer doping horses:  

The USEF has a toll free number, open 24/7 that can take a report for you.  Reach them at 1-800-633-2472.

Resources for when you are in pinch, you are injured, you need help:

The Equestrian Aid Foundation:

This wonderful group of people can help you out when you are financially hurting, due to an injury or illness.  All equestrians are welcome!  To learn more, you can read my blog about the EAF here.  

You can also learn more by visiting their website at:


Who to contact if you think your workplace is crazy unsafe:

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has a list of a zillion guidelines.  There are tons of resources here for employers and employees alike.  

Employers:  You may also be interested to know that OSHA can inspect your workplace which may lead to a reduction in your Worker's Compensation premiums.  Good to know!!


How does the IRS determine an employee vs. an independent contractor?


The IRS has some basic guidelins for determining the difference between employee and contractor.  You can learn more by reading this article, or you can click on the IRS link here:,,id=99921,00.html


The IRS also has a definition of an independent contractor that you can read here:,,id=179115,00.html


How does the Department of Labor (DOL) determine hourly or salary for employees?


Here is the link to the DOL website about his subject:  

Please note that MOST horse businesses are usually not considered farm work or agriculture.  In fact, you may be curious to know that some horse businesses are getting into tons of hot water by not paying overtime.  You can learn more about some recent cases here. 


What do you need to do as an Employer before you hire your first Groom?

Well, click this link and have a handy checklist of all the things you need to do to take care of business: