We are thrilled to have the amazing resources of Kentucky Performance Products at our fingertips. Each article focuses on one aspect of equine nutrition.  New articles are added frequently, so be sure to check back!




Essential Minerals.  You can read all about them here.


Good and bad "bugs" - in the digestive tract.  You can read the article here!

The need for additional vitamins in your horse.  Read Here! 

The Calcium/Phosphorus ratio.  Read the article here!

Protein Myths and Facts.  Learn more here.

Part 1 of 2 about Selenium - too much or too little can be harmful.  Learn more here!

Part 2 of 2 about Selenium.  How to calculate the Selenium in your horse's diet.  Read more here!

Amino Acids - the Building Blocks of Proteins.  Learn more here!

Fats - the many benefits of fat in your horse's diet.  Learn more here.


Vitamin E - how to determine if you horse is getting enough.  Read here!

The importance of Hydration.  Read Here!

All about ulcers.  Learn more here!

Can I just feed Grain?  Hay is hard to find. Find the answers here!

Stalls vs. Pastures - What's your horse doing during those times? Read here!

Rice Bran - all you need to know!  Read here!

What is insulin resistance?  Find out here!

 Nutritional demands of the lactating mare.  Read here! 

Amino Acids - Essential vs. Non Essential.  Learn the difference here!

Some great info on when to use Electrolytes.  Read here!

Summertime considerations - Read here!

What to think about in drought conditions!  Learn more here!

Do you know what RFV is?  And why it's important?  Find out here!

All about Biotin - what it is and why your horse needs it!  Learn more here!

Pasture and founder - some things to consider.  Learn more!

Who knows what Lecithin is and what it does?  Get answers here!

Grain overload and laminits - learn about the connection here!