The S'up Sack - No More Plastic Baggies

Go greener in your barn and use S'up Sacks to make your horse's meals!

Shapley's Show Touch Up

How you can turn a blemish, scar, scrape, or stain into show ring perfection with Shapley's Show Touch Up! - Barn Management Software

Simplify your calendar, record keeping, training progress, and more with - Barn Management Software!

Manna Pro’s Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Simplify your tack cleaning routine with Manna Pro's Lexol Quick Wipes. For leather cleaning and conditioning, as well as convenience and time saving!

Spitfire Product's Spider Wrap Bandage

For those times when your horse decides to injure himself, you need to have a Spitfire Product's Spider Wrap Bandage in your vet kit!

Shapley's Mane Mousse

Another great product from Shapley's, makers of MTG. Mane Mousse helps all that ails manes and tails!

The Clipfurfriend

How the Clipfurfriend can save your clothes and body form the torrents of hair while clipping!

The SleekEZ Grooming Tool

How your horse, mud, and laundry can all be made easier with the Sleek EZ!

STAYONS Instant Poultice Hoof Wrap

The latest and greatest from Hamilton Biovet - the STAYONS Instant Poultice system for your horse's hooves.

Ecolicious Equestrian's Hands On Lotion - For People!

A great natural hand lotion for people!

The Wiksmart Cooler

The Wiksmart Cooler will dry your horse in no time flat!

The Karin Shirt from FITS

A review of a the Karin shirt from FITS.

Equi Cool Down - Products for People and Horses

The Equi Cool Down product line of horse and human products is designed to safely cool you down, without the need for ice or refrigeration.

Mrs. Conn's Bath Day Enriched Sponges

The scoop on the latest in horse bathing - sponges loaded with shampoo, from Mrs. Conn's!

The Equine Apothecary's Herbal Renew Poultice

A smart way to blend the traditional benefits of a clay poultice with the benefits of soothing and aromatic herbal ingredients for your horse.

The Nose-It from RS Bioceuticals

An innovative new toy from RS Bioceuticals, designed to stimulate your horse and keep him busy!

Absorbine’s Ultra Shield Green Gel Natural Fly Repellent

Review of Absorbine's latest green fly control offering!

The Equi-Ping Safety Release from

Replace your horse's makeshift cross tie string with the Equi-Ping safety release. Keep your barn safe and tidy.

Silverquine - Help Heal with Silver

Wound and summer sore dressing!

Ecolicious Equestrian's Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Shampoo

The alternative to crying at horrible manure and urine stains on your horse: Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Shampoo from Ecolicious Equestrian.

Ecolicious Equestrian's Smeg-U-Later

There is no ickier task than cleaning sheaths and udders - until now. Grooms rejoice - Ecolicious makes it easy!

The Equine Hydro-T

A different way of using water in the wash rack - lots of great uses with this amazing, pulsating nozzle!

Aspire's Pet Stain and Odor Remover

If you have horses, dogs, or cats, you know that pet odor that can happen.

Brushes from Reinhold's Horse Wellness Store

The most amazing brushes for your Grooming needs!

More Espana SILK Products

The Espana line of products - tested!

The BioRider at Home Fitness Training DVD

A great workout to do at home to prepare you for a long day in the barn!

Absorbine's ShowSheen Stain Remover and Whitener

This is every Groom's nightmare - show day and manure stains from here to next week. Absorbine has you covered!

Espana SILK's All Natural Protein Detangler

A very functional, all in one, natural spray for your horse.

Aspire's Thrush Treatment and Rain Rot Treatment

Great, natural based products to help two of our most annoying horse issues - thrush and rain rot!

Aspire's Stock Tank Water Cleaner

An easy fix for the most horrid task ever - taking care of the stock tanks.

Ecolicious and their Glossy and Moisture Maniac!

Two products from EcoLicious that are designed to provide strength, moisture, and wicked shine. Not disappointed!

The Mitt. By Absorbine.

Absorbine came up with this great mitten to help Grooms apply products safely and efficiently.

Posture Prep Cross Fiber Groomer

This is a most unique tool, developed by a Doctor of Chiropractic, to help your horse feel, look, and move his best.

Enjoy Yums all Natural Treats

The only way to go with treats - great shapes and all natural ingredients.

Absorbine's Veterinary Linament

The old favorite Linament in a much more "Groom-friendly" package!

The Best Way to Apply Hoof Dressing - Thanks Absorbine!

The long time favorite hoof dressing, Hooflex by Absorbine, has a snazzy new, and very Groom friendly, applicator. OH - and more "green" ingredients!

EcoLicious Equestrian's In Control

For taming the most unruly of horse bed-heads. Oh, it helps you braid, too!

The EquiStix Massage Tool by Equus Athletics

Love to give you horse a massage before and after a ride? Here you go.

The Illuminated Hoof Pick

A review of the new, Illuminated Hoof Pick.

ColdFlex Review

A review of ColdFlex and their new Sock application

EcoLicious Shampoo and Detanglers

The low down on some earth friendly (and horse friendly) grooming products from our friends at EcoLicious!