Can I feed my horse pumpkin?

Yes!  This is the short answer.  But you may want to think twice about it…Horses may, or may not, like the taste of pumpkin.  If your horse is one that does, then it’s perfectly OK to feed him some.  Assuming you do so without going crazy overboard…


Here are some safe ways to feed your horse pumpkin:



  • Chop up the pumpkin into pieces!  Avoid choking hazards by making pieces small and easily chewable. 


  • Limit the quantity of pumpkin given, anything more than a cupful or two a day may give you horse a belly ache.  (This is pretty true for just about anything new that you give your horse.)  Try to resist the urge to toss a few pumpkins into his pen for rollie-pollyie snack time.


  • Don’t feed any pumpkin that is starting to sag, get soft, or starting to mush.


  • A carved pumpkin may have candle wax spilled or mold starting to grow inside, so be careful there, too. 


  • Other pumpkin family members, like gourds, can be toxic to horses.  If you are unsure of what type of fall treat you have, better not feed it, just in case. 


Does your horse like eating pumpkins?