Is there a reason to use hay cubes or compressed hay instead of regular baled or round hay? 


I have only recently discovered compressed hay bales and at first my main question was “WHY”??  And then I loaded up my tiny car with horse supplies and and realized I could not get a bale of hay in the hatchback but I could get about 6 small compressed bales back there.  



This compressed bale comes all wrapped up for a no-mess transport.  Let the flakes "open" a bit before you feed them, makes for easier eating!


Same goes for hay cubes (and hay pellets for that matter.)  Same product, different shape.  But maybe even better in some circumstances.  Hay products like cubes, pellets and compressed bales are typically “cleaner” than your average bale of hay. This isn’t science here - only my experiences - but I have found squashed snakes, wires, weeds, birds, plastic bits, and other weird things in bales of hay. However, with a packaged hay product like a cube or a compressed bale, they are typically certified weed free.  


You will also find a guaranteed analysis on each and every bag or compressed bale, letting you know the basic nutritional values of your cube or compressed bale.  It’s rare to find a delivery of hay that comes with this information - you usually need to send a sample to a lab for analysis if you want the numbers for your hay delivery. 




Hay cubes can be soaked for maximum ease of chewing, and also some a great way to add water to your horse's diet!  



Cubes will also vary in sizes.  You may want to soak them for easy of eating. 


The advantage of a compressed bale is ease of purchase, transport, storage, weighing, bringing to shows, stacking, the list goes on.  It also won’t leave a trail of hay bits in your trunk.  Same for hay cubes.  If your horse gets as much hay as he wants, but you need to supplement with a tiny amount of alfalfa or timothy (for example), cubes are easy to weigh and use. 



This is a compressed FLAKE - smaller than a breadbox.  



Close up of the compressed flake - note the really small length of hay!  The length of hay is even shorter for hay pellets.  This may help horses digest the hay!


Just like hay pellets, compressed hay bales and cubes are pound for pound the same as hay in a traditional bale format.  And, they are easier to weigh, so your horse can have a more accurate feeding regime.  


What do you like (or not) about compressed hay and hay cubes??