What stuff can I buy for my horse at the grocery store? 


Grocery shopping is my least favorite task.  I avoid the grocery store at all costs.  UNLESS I’M GOING FOR HORSE STUFF.  There’s a ton of stuff you can use at the barn, and you might even get some healthy human food while you are there! Here’s my handy list to save you time when shopping for your horse! 


Show supplies

  • Magazines - in between barn chores and classes, also maybe for your horse hubby so he doesn’t get too bored…
  • Make up - but not so much as to make the judge wonder if you are a clown.
  • Hair accessories - for tucking under helmets AND for holding back horse mane as you braid.
  • Small containers to organize and store stuff in your tack trunk.



  • Apples, carrots, sugar cubes for the horses
  • Snacks for you!


Miscellaneous stuff and Cleaning Supplies

  • Shoe/boot polish - for a mirror like reflection
  • Laundry treatment sticks - help keep your white show stuff gleaming. 
  • Castile soap - great for leathers and hands.
  • Double sided sponges - one zillion uses. 
  • Scrubbers for cleaning buckets and anything else that you don’t want to touch with your bare hands. Speaking of which…you can also find…
  • Disposable gloves.


Your boots can never be too shiny. 



Castile soap is a must for the barn!




First aid kit

  • Diapers - size 5 is good for most horses, unless your horse has dinner plate tootsies, then go bigger. 
  • Thermometers - for TPR
  • Topical creams/ointments - you can’t have too many goops on hand. 
  • Gauze - for human and horse boo-boo’s.
  • Non Stick pads - the only type of pad to put on a wound.  
  • Molasses/apple sauce for mixing meds - in case your horse has a discerning palette. 


Saddle cleaner ingredients

  • Milk - also good for you.
  • Containers for your home made soaps - you can’t have too many containers. 
  • Olive oil - For home made tack soap, many folks use it for hooves, too.


What else do you get at the store for your horse?