Can I make my own horse treats?  Can I make them low sugar?

Yes and yes.  Do I have an exact recipe?  No.  Do I bake?  No.  Do I rely on you guys for loads of information and ideas?  Yes.  (OK I’m stopping now…)

There’s a simple group of ingredients that you can mix together, smooth into bite size pieces, and bake.  Usually 400@ for 10-15 minutes will get you to a good result!  




Oats.  Plentiful, inexpensive, horse friendly.  I like to buy whole organic oats for me, and I’ll bet almost all of you have some in your cabinet.  Stick to the types of unflavored oats, when you start talking maple and apple there are a few more ingredients that you may not want your horse to eat. 


You can also use some of your horse’s own fortified feed.  That way you know he will like the finished product!

Carrots.  Have a cheese grater?  Shred some carrots up for some horse friendly flavor.  Same goes for apples!  You may end up with a sloppy mess, so press out some of the extra juice so you have more fruit pulp to add to your oats or grain.  




How to bind it all together?  Some choices here, too!

  • Bananas.  Because we ALL have that banana ripeness threshold that we can’t pass, use your “icky” banana to bind your oats and fruit before baking.  


  • Molasses.  This super sticky concoction goops everything together.  Like a paste.  A gooey, gooey paste. Also high in sugar, so not great for all horses. 


  • Apple sauce.  A winner for helping medicine go down, and one way to bind up your horse biscuits.  



Of course your binding agents have some level of sugar in them.  I wonder….for horses that are insulin resistant or metabolic, how do you make your own horse cookies?  Could you use hay pellets (low sugar) and get them a bit mushy, and add a tiny bit of yummy stuff?  Anyone try that?

OK!  Share your ideas and recipes below!