How can I save space at the barn?


It’s always a pet peeve of mine to see, be around, or even imagine clutter.  Which I why owning and grooming horses can be especially challenging - there are tons of things that you need to have around, just in case, such as vet kits, extra tack, saddle pads for every day of the week, horse boots to match all of your outfits, you get the picture.  How can we store all of that stuff, while at the same time save a bit of space?


I love vertical storage!  You don't have to sift through all of your trunk contents. 


Here’s a handy list of some space saving ideas - and I’m SURE you have tons more to share down below in the comments!


Smaller little containers are great for organizing similar items and tossing into trunks. 


-Use vacuum bags to store your blanket, saddle pads, coolers, etc.  This serves two functions - saving space and deterring rodents from using your blankets as bedding.  

-Depending on your feed room set up, you may be able to use metal trash cans with lids for your grains and feeds.  I like metal trash cans, as they are virtually rodent proof and air tight, assuming you secure them properly.  You can also empty your bag directly into them.  Other wooden bins may have flimsy lids, or are too big, and can get gnawed by critters.  


-Use blanket bars up the wall for maximum storage.  IF you use them in the barn aisle, make sure they go no lower than your waist, as hooves could get stuck.  In the tack room, you can go pretty much top to bottom.  


Blanket bars sometimes eat up space in the aisles, so you could use high hooks in corners to tuck blankets away. 


-Alternatively, you can use the Euro style hinged bars that swing out.  Hang them high, or somewhat high, but not at eye level, and definitely not in the barn aisle or other horse traffic area.

-Use your trailer as storage for your off season items.


-Add high shelving around the room perimeter, for tupperware bins to live above.  I like bins, as dust can get out of hand, and lets get real - who likes to dust?


-Go vertical.  While I LOVE the look of tack trunks, for safety I prefer them out of the barn aisle and in the tack room.  But, then space gets tight.  Think vertical drawers or shelves, this eliminates the need to dig around.  (Also - no digging around means you will *theoretically* be more organized.)



Vertical storage comes in all sizes - to hold tiny things (like first aid stuff) to large blankets. 


These vertical shelves are convenient for commonly accessed items, and don't take up much space at all. Great for wash racks and cross tie areas!


-Muck out your stuff regularly and donate, toss, or tack swap.


OK - bring on your ideas on how to save space at the barn!