How can I organize my tack room?


Here’s the thing about your tack room - it's usually a go, or it's a no!!  Here are some tips on making things work in your barn's tack room. 

Have a designated storage area for things that are not used daily, weekly, or in some cases, even monthly!  For example - don’t clutter a tack room with blankets during the summer.  If possible, find alternate storage solutions.  (I keep a lot of my rarely used items in my trailer.)  Giant plastic storage bins and rolling trunks are great alternatives to piles or clogging up shelves in the tack room.  



Giant hooks hold blankets, stacked saddle racks let you store two or more saddles in one spot, and trunks make great seats and storage containers. 


I love the idea of “lockers”.  I have seen several types used in different tack rooms.  They are easy to install, and are available at home improvement centers and also that huge blue and yellow box store from Sweden.  Often times, if extra, rarely used things are stored away, the lockers can be shared with more than one person.  I have even seen lockers with hooks inside for bridles, which definitely helps keep things contained and free from dust!  When things are dust free, it's easier to keep everything clean. 



These open lockers allow for tack above, and a trunk below.  


If lockers are a no-go, uniform sizes of trunks or durable plastic containers can work really well.  For a while, I used a giant plastic bin with a lid, until I found a set of durable shelves (like the onles below, but large enough to fit several saddle pads per drawer) with a smaller footprint.  The shelves were only waist high, and could fit boots and pads, etc without any problem.  (This is also amazingly simple to pack for a show...just load the shelves in your trailer.)



Shelves are great - you can go floor to ceiling!


For rodent and dust control, I suggest keeping the door closed as much as possible.  Keeping the door closed is also a great idea during barn aisle sweeping!  In addition, you can purchase some expandable foam sealer from home improvement stores that can seal your wall/floor intersection and windows from buggers and rodents.  


Vertical storage with drawers is great for a lot of loose items, and keeps the dust out of all of it.  These are small and can fit inside a cabinet, others are the size of cabinets and make for great long term storage.


Shelving can be installed up high for rarely used things. Llittle spice racks can hold gloves or other frequently used things.  Giant hooks hold blankets.  Invest in a laundry sack so that dirty laundry has a place to live.  You can also wash a laundry sack so it won't grow it's own smelly legs and walk away. 


This wire spice rack is awesome for every day stuff!  


A laundry sack by the door reminds you it's time to do some cleaning! 

What tips do you have for a tidy tack room?


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