What should I put on my barn’s bulletin board? 


I love white erase boards and bulletin boards for the barn!  They provide a great way to share information and can help you have a successful and easy emergency system.  Of course, much of the critical information about our horses should be located on a stall or paddock card, but there’s a lot of other stuff to have handy, too. 



White erase boards are great for barn announcements. 


So what would you put on your barn’s bulletin board? Some ideas:

  • Barn Address and land line phone number.  Know the address and phone so you can tell emergency operators, farriers, vets, visitors.  


  • Location of critical things around the farm.

      -Fire extinguishers

      -Water shut off valves. Ever had a busted pipe??  That water flows until someone turns it off!

      Gate override.  If the power goes out, you need a way in and out of the property.  

       First aid kits (horse and human).

      What else?



  • Boarder’s phone numbers and emergency contacts.  


  • Vet and Farrier phone numbers.  If the barn is huge and everyone has their own preferences, then those numbers can go on the stall name cards. 


  • What else?

You can also use a strategically placed bulletin board for show sign ups, training tips, or other farm news!  And by strategically placed I mean where everyone will see it.  :)  



A great location for barn announcements!