What treats are safe to give my horse??  


Before we get started on this topic, let me just get a things off my chest.  


-Some horses (not all) are perfectly fine getting treats and never develop any bad habits because of being hand fed treats.

-Some horses (not all) become more trainable and will work hard at learning new things for treats.

-Some horses (not all) should not have some treats because of metabolic disorders, allergies, or other medical conditions. 


So - now down to brass tacks!!  What are the TOXIC treats for horses??






-raw garlic




-raw potatoes







For some strange reason, some young kids and even some husbands ACT like the foods listed above are toxic to them also.  Coincidence?  And as far as the chocolate goes, not really an issue as I have yet to meet anyone who wants to share their chocolate…..


What are some “iffy” treats?  And by “iffy” I’m referring to treats that are high in sugar and starch (not good for the insulin resistant or cushing’s horse)




-candy (peppermints, sugar cubes)

-cooked potatoes

-store bought treats with molasses


You CAN feed the metabolically challenged horse some small hay cubes or hay pellets as a treat.  I like the small ones, unless you want to soak some of the larger varieties and feed in a bowl. 


For the average Joe horse, you can safely feed (in moderation, of course…. And assuming your horse is not allergic):





-citrus fruits

-roasted peanuts (including shells)


-watermelon and the rind




I can’t stress this one enough - no treats (or even hay) just before you put in a bit, and no treats while your horse is wearing a bit.  The only exception may be a sugar cube, as the sugar dissolves and can help your horse soften his jaw and salivate on the bit more.  


What does your horse like to eat??


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