Horses, Dogs, Cows, and Cats - Oh my - What stuff can I share between all of the animals?

There’s not too many rules about what you have to use on your dog and cat and horse and maybe even cow - many products can be shared (gasp!) between the barn critters that you have.  A very important note about this - sharing medications is NOT OK, as some things are beneficial to one species and deadly to another.  Aspirin is a great example - dogs can tolerate it, aspirin will kill a cat.  Always consult your Veterinarian about medications.  Dosages also vary wildly between species.  But of other stuff - go nuts!  


There are still lots of products that you can easily share between the horse, the dog, the cow, and the cat! 


Dog and cat slicker brushes are super for cleaning sheepskin saddle pads!

Toys!  Well, the cats may not enjoy playing with a giant horse ball, but most dogs really dig playing with a horse toy. 


No more touching gross ticks. 


Tick removal tools.  I picked this handy tool up at the pet store, I have used it a kazillion times more on the horse than any barn animal!


Grooming gloves.  Share the scratchy grooming goodness and use your curry combs and grooming gloves on the barn critters.  Beware of skin conditions - these can be spread by shared grooming tools! 


Mastitis meds that you can find at the feed store (for cattle) are sometimes good for treating thrush in horses.  The applicator is perfectly designed to get into the grooves where thrush loves to live. 


Sweet PDZ makes everything smell better!


Stall refresher granules are great to use in your cat’s litter box.  No more stinky litter!


Share blankets between mini horses and dogs!


The dog tag machines at pet stores can give you instant horse blanket ID tags, so you can be sure your horse’s blanket ends up on him.


Cats just can't be contained!  


Lead ropes make excellent leashes for dogs.  Or cows.  Or cats?


What other things do you share?