Clippers and Clipping!

All you could ever want to know about horse clipping.  Please email me if you have any questions!





Clipping Ears

The scoop on clipping ears!

Clipper Blades

The ins and outs of clipper blades.

Clipping Tips

Some tips to make the clipping process a bit easier!

Clipping in the Summer

Is clipping your horse in the summer a good idea?

Gather These Necessities and Clipping Your Horse is Easy!

A handy list of all necessities for the dreaded task of body clipping! Only it will be easy, not dreaded.

Clean And Store Your Horse Clippers Properly!

Easy steps to clean and store your clippers and clipper blades.

Post Clipping Tips and Tricks!

How you can prep your horse for clipping, and take care of that skin when you are done!

The Grooming Kit Must Have - A Pair Of Clippers

Every well stocked grooming kit should also have clippers - for body clips, for small trims, for wound care.

Clipping Safety - Don't Get Squashed or Electrocuted

Some tips on making the clipping process safe and easy for your horse!

Clipping in Spring - Should You Clip the Shedding Horse?

A few reasons why you may want to clip a horse that's already shedding!

How To Prepare Your Horse For Clipping

The best tips and tricks for prepping your horse for clipping! Avoid tugs, lines, and dulling your blades.

Buying Clippers For Your Horse - Pick the Right Set!

Ideas on how to pick the best clippers for your horse - what to look for in horse clippers!

Does your horse need a custom clipping for winter?

Ways to customize your horse's coat for maximum winter comfort!

Clipper Accessories - Using a Clipper Guard

Some reasons why you might want to use a clipper guard on your horse.