What’s the best style of clipper to buy?  Cordless or corded?

This largely depends on your preference - but a few things to consider as you decide on which style to buy.  And if you can’t decide, no harm in buying both?  


Go for both.  


How does your horse feel about snakes?  I mean cords?  Hoses and cords can elicit a huge fear response in horses, and thus can make the whole clipping process horrible for everyone.   Cordless is the way to go. 


Is there an outlet near the cross ties?  There usually is, but I can’t speak for every barn in the entire world.  Clipping is best done where your horse is comfortable, like the cross ties, and not where there’s an outlet, like the bathroom or inside the tool shed or wherever the outlet may be.  Cordless may be better here. 


Do you love to trip on stuff?  Then definitely get a cord!


How forgetful are you?  I love to have clippers as part of the vet kit in case you need to do some wound cleaning, but I rarely remember to check the charge on the clippers.  So - I have a corded pair for this very reasons. 


Look for features that can benefit your horse - like low vibration, and look for features that benefit you, like lightweight. 


Some other things to consider when picking the best clippers for your horse: 


Battery life of cordless clippers!  If you routinely clip a few horses a day, your battery life may have you stuck with a horse that’s half show ring ready and half yak.  Go corded. 


Power!  Corded clippers are typically stronger and more powerful, and for the really thick haired beasts out there, you need all the power you can get.  Go corded. 


Size.  For body clipping, you may find that cordless are a little bigger to handle.  Go corded if this bugs you.  BUT…. smaller clippers for little areas exist, so you may want to go cordless for specialty clippers.  For technical areas like fetlocks and faces and legs, the size of your clipper may dictate what you pick - in that case you have a slew of corded and cordless choices.  



What’s your favorite style of clipper for your horses?