How do I prep my horse for the clipping process? 


If you want the following things for your horse while clipping:


  • Comfort
  • Speed
  • No skin pulling
  • An even finish



Sharp blades = clipping success

And if you want the following things for your equipment while clipping:


  • Hot knife through butter
  • Keeping your clippers sharp
  • Cool blades as you clip along


You should do the following before you start:


  • Make your horse super clean
  • Make your horse super slippery
  • Make your clippers super oily


Find a way to remove every last spec of dust and dirt from your horse.  A few ideas here, in a super order to try them in. 



If bathing is not an option:


  • Curry comb your horse until you could theoretically lift a car once your arms recover. Maybe try out your entire collection of curry combs on your horse. 
  • Vacuum your horse.  
  • If you don’t have a vacuum, immediately write a letter to the powers that be to make a vacuum appear, or just dandy brush a lot.  Then soft brush.  Then dandy.  Then soft. 
  • Hot towel your horse.  This lifts and removes any remaining dirt and dust.  Don’t be super concerned with stains, they will get clipped off.  


Scrub scrub scrub, rinse rinse rinse.


If all conditions are go, shampoo your horse after a thorough grooming.  I like a simple, shine enhancing shampoo, as these help to create a great coat for clippers to slide through. 

  • Rinse until the cows come home.  
  • During the drying process, which will involve towel drying and lots of coolers and absolutely no rolling, spray your horse with a shine enhancer.  


The combo of dirt removal and slickifying of the coat allow your clippers to work at maximum efficiency.  Shine sprays are great, they slick up the hairs on your horse.  You can also use a grooming oil applied to your horse BEFORE you clip.  This adds a layer of slickery to your horse, and it also creates just enough stick that as you clip, the hair stays relatively clumped together so there are not so many hairs flying through the air.  


Grooming oil makes your horse's coat slick and shiny - which makes your horse easy to clip!


Make sure your clippers are sharp to begin with, properly oiled before and during the clipping proces, and you check the blades regularly for heat.  The easiest way to do this is to clean and store them properly after every use.  


Enjoy the easy cleaning of a freshly clipped horse!