How do I clean my rubber reins?


Ah, good ol’ rubber reins.  Love them - great in the rain, great for learning hand placement (remember rainbow reins??), great grip so your horse can’t slide them away from you. They also like to melt and sometimes get gooey.  


Reminds me of a dirty octopus!  Time for a soak. 


So how do you take care of them?  A few ideas here:

-Keep them out of the sun when not in use.  Generally speaking, I like to let my tack hang out in the shade only, unless it’s a case of mildew and then the sun can help rid your leather of the spores.  The hot sun can start to “melt” your rubber reins. 


-Only clean the rubber part with water.  I like to soak mine for a few minutes in the tack dunking bucket.  Then you can wipe down with a damp sponge or towel to get them totally clean.  


-Avoid oils and cleaners.  Rubber reins do have leather portions at each end, be diligent to avoid getting your leather cleaners and conditioners on the rubber portion. 


Spend some time to thoroughly (and carefully) clean the leather, without getting cleaners and oils on the rubber part.  


-Be aware that any sprays, like grooming products or fly repellents, can transfer to and possible warp your rubber reins.  Dunk and wipe your rubber reins as soon as possible after a ride to maintain their rubbery goodness. 


How do you maintain your rubber reins?