What do I do about my expensive horse blankets that are no longer waterproof?

You always have the option of buying new ones (yippee!  shopping!!) or you can use the ones you have and give them a waterproofing treatment.  This is easy to do (if you follow instructions well) and the results can get you through winter, or longer.  You can also easily touch up your treatments if needed.  


Every spring, I deep clean my horse blankets, make repairs, and store for the summer.  I like to store them in the original bags, or in those storage bags that you can suck the air out of with a vacuum.  This keeps your blankets fresh and rodent house free.  One thing you can also do is re-waterproof your blankets.  



My very old and faded horse blanket, re-waterproofed and ready for another winter.  I like to hand them on gates, fences, or railings to cover the with a spray product.  Stand upwind!


You can re-waterproof your blankets any time with your choice of products.  The most common way to re-waterproof your blanket is to hit the outdoor or camping store and look for products that can waterproof your gear.  (Look for tent photos, not 


Some are spray products, some are wash-in products.  Some are for cotton, some for nylon, some for leather (like your paddock boots!).  Some are breathable, some are not.  I prefer the sprays that are breathable, for a few reasons. 


Now that you have your product selected, make sure your blanket is spotlessly clean.  Refer to the manufacturer’s information on the best ways to clean it and the best type of laundry detergent.  



Found at the outdoor store!  Some manufacturers make their own spray, too. 


Don’t forget to read the instructions.  For sprays, use outside.  I like to cover my nose and mouth, and I also wear disposable gloves when applying.  The ingredients that create the spray often start to condense and drip down your fingers, as it does take a few minutes to apply the spray. 


Allow to dry thoroughly between spray coats.  At least 24 hours or so.  Depending on the product, you may need to move your blankets out of the sun.  


After a drying cycle, I will toss some water on the blanket as it lays flat as a "test".  I want to see how long it takes for the blanket to soak up the water.  If it stays beaded up, the blanket is good.  If it soaks in after a minute or so, the blanket needs another coat of re-waterproofing. 



Water repelling goodness!


Now you are ready to get another season out of your horse’s blanket!