Does my horse need a new halter? 


Maybe?!  I’m a huge fan of leather halters for the safety factor, but nylon halters with a leather crown piece can last a really long time with proper care.  Nylon is inexpensive to replace, but leather can often times be repaired easily.  But, if you need a reason to go shopping, here are some signs you need to repair/replace your horse’s halter:

  • Critical parts are frayed, torn, or damaged.  As touch as nylon and leather are, they still wear and can fray and tear.



The edges are just barely starting to fray and crack. 


  • The leather has started to crack.  Once this happens, the fibers in the leather that hold it together are damaged beyond what any conditioner or oil can do. 


  • Part of the leather has snapped off.  While this isn’t usually an emergency, do you have less to work with.  What remains of the leather may also be compromised if it’s near a hole or a critical seam. 





  • You are just OVER plain looking halters and want a totally blinged out new one. Go for it.


  • A snap or metal ring is broken.  Most leather repair shops can replace them!  This is more of a halter emergency, as you horse could be poked by a wayward piece of metal, or your horse could just slide right out of his halter. 


  • It doesn’t quite fit. This happens quite often with young horses, but also very hairy horses that grow so much hair that they literally double in size.  Most halters are adjustable to a degree.  This may also be a legit excuse to get the blinged out halter you have your eye on. 
Leather crown pieces make a halter safer. 
  • You don't have a halter with a break-away crown piece.  The halter must be able to snap - period!  


When do you repair or replace your halter?