What type of halter is best for my horse?  Leather, Nylon or Rope?


Lots of choices here - but how do you decide what to use for your horse?  Let’s check out each one and then you can decide!


Breakaway is a MUST.  


Leather - The traditional leather halter is the “gold standard” of horse halters, but it’s not always the best choice.  Leather halters are great because:


-Leather is safe.  A stuck horse has a great chance of escaping, as leather can snap.  

-Leather halters look great!

-You can use then with a stud chain if you need to.

-Easy to add your horse’s name plate on the side of the halter.


The downside of leather halters?


-You need to clean and condition them, as you would a saddle or bridle.

-They are typically more expensive than other styles.



Nylon - The nylon halter is a great way to dress up your horse with some color!  Nylon halters are great because:


-Nylon halters are affordable.

-You can use them with a stud chain.

-Any color under the sun!

-You can make the safe by using a leather crownpiece.  

-Easy to clean - hit them with a hose!


I’m not a fan of nylon halters for these reasons: 

-Unsafe if you don’t use a leather crown piece.

-Colors can fade in the sun.




This is the ONLY safe way to use a nylon halter on a horse.  


Rope Halters - These are amazing, when used properly.  They share a lot of benefits as the nylon variety!


-Great colors.


-Make a rope halter super safe by securing them so the tail of the knot faces your horse’s rump. 

-More control of your horse when needed.


Downsides to the rope halters? 


-Some styles omit the knots that are designed to place pressure on specific points on your horse.

-These halters are not always beginner friendly, you will need some instruction to properly fit and use one.  



What type do you use for your horse? What was your deciding factor?



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