What are some other uses for quilts?

I have, over the years, collected an assortment of quilts - some match, most don’t, some are new, some are as old as the hills.  But I always hang onto them - just in case I come up with some great use for them.  Here are some quilt uses that I have come up with.  I feel certain that you guys have many more.  And don't be afraid to use scissors!  


  • Extra padding for tack that rubs.  In a pinch, you can use a bit of quilt or no-bow bandage around a crown piece, a grazing muzzle, or anything else that can rub your horse. 




Wrap up what rubs your horse and see if that helps!


  • Boot liners for you.  I have a pair of super wonderful boots that don’t fit perfectly, but a bit of strategically cut no-bow under my socks does the trick.  This is also a bit warmer in the winter. 


  • Wrapping delicate things for travel.  Horse stuff can be expensive - protect it!  Instead of tossing your helmet in the tailer for a show, wrap in a quilt inside a re-purposed grocery sack for safe travels. 


  • Blanket rub deflector.  For the neck dents and wither rubs, use a quilt or no-bow to protect your horse.  The blanket holds the quilt in place. 


You don't have to sew this in - the blanket will keep the quilt nice and snug.  


  • Soft and squishy first aid bandage.  For those weird to bandage areas, using a quilt over a knee or hock gives your horse some added room. You might need to take some scissors to the quilt.  


  • Pet beds.  Quilts often act as barn dog or barn cat magnets.  


  • Also good to wrap around your ankles or knees when you are breaking in a new pair of boots.  Nothing beats a custom fit anti-blister quilt. 


What other uses do you have for your horse’s leg wraps?