How can I save some bucks and "borrow" some items from home to use at the barn?  Easy. Just get creative!!


I love the barn.  I love my house, too, and therefore feel the need to share "home" with "barn".  Just a warning here - it's all fun and games until your spouse wants to suprise you with a cleaning spree and all of the sponges now clean your tack.  You will have only yourself to blame.  So here are a few of the ordinary homey things that now live in my tack trunk.



I don't like doing dishes but I do like cleaning stuff at the barn. 


  • Double sides sponges.  Clean tack, scrub buckets, clean noses, scrub gunk from hooves.  Endless possibilities!!
  • Ivory soap.  Clean buckets, sheaths, and hands.  
  • Dog slicker brushes.  Great for the farm cat and fluffing up sheepskin.  Also gets the fuzzies out of velcro.




  • A&D diaper cream and zinc oxide diaper cream.  A&D for mouth corners, boo-boo's, and emergency lip balm.  Zinc oxide for sunscreen on noses and sores.  
  • Diapers.  For packing feet and using as a giant band aid in case of emergency. For more diaper uses, check out this article.   
  • Washcloths and old towels.  For drying wet ponies, cleaning tack and boots, general handiness around the barn.  



  • Toothbrushes.  Great for nitty gritty tack cleaning, and also for cleaning the goop from under your fingernails.  


Now it's your turn - go *crazy* with your ideas!!  What do you steal from home and bring to the barn??