What are my tack trunk choices?


For most of us, our tack room is organized to work effectively at home.  When the horses and Grooms go to a show, how can we take the tack room with us?   First, you may need to decide on exactly what you need in a tack trunk!  Do you need it to hold a saddle or two?  How many bridles?  What about all of your supplies and blankets and pads and boots and maybe even show clothes?


For many moons, I would use regular, old storage containers.  This worked for me as I rarely showed my own horses, and when I did, I just worked out of the trailer.  I still use them today for off season supplies that I stash in the trailer or garage.  (I don’t want to think about blankets in July!)  The great bonus to storage bins is you can easily clean them in the washrack!




I personally love vertical storage - no need to dig and dig and dig.   


When I was a Pro Groom traveling to shows, I loved the big rolling trunks that you could roll off the trailer and into the grooming stall at the show.   They would hold two saddles, about 8 bridles, and show clothes and all sorts of accessories like pads and boots.  They are expensive, but travel well and are very popular with Pro Riders and Competitors.  I have seen them in metal, and I have also seen them in heavy duty plastic in most colors under the sun.  Some ladies at my barn have them in wood, too (hand made!) These rolling guys are great at home, too, if you have the space to roll them right into your tack room.  



Pretty spiffy!


You can also go with a traditional tack trunk, which in many barns live outside of the stalls.  I have seen these in a variety of sizes, and if you have a stand or legs for yours, you can fit a storage container underneath it.  These are great, most have shelves and pull outs inside so that you can be a bit more organized.  Strangely, I rarely see actual tack stored in them….go figure! For tips on organziing your tack trunk, I have ideas for you in this article!




For the size of a traditional tack trunk, you can also get a large heavy duty storage container with wheels and a retractable handle.  You can find them at hardware stores, and while they don’t have much inside organization, you can roll from tack room to trailer to show and back.  Love the handle!  They are pretty generic looking, but you can fit a saddle in most styles and the generic exterior seems to be a perfect canvas for your inner creative bling ideas to come out.  


The hardware store special!  Big size and little size!


What do you like to use for your tack needs?