What is a cactus cloth and how does this help me groom my horse?

Cactus cloths are exactly that - cloths made from cactus fibers.  These magic cloths are insanely long lasting and serve a variety of purposes at the barn and around your horse. You may be familiar with a cactus cloth in the form of a loofah type mitt for your shower.  They are woven cactus fibers on one side, a super thin netting on the other side.  At first, the cactus cloth is rather coarse and stiff, with repeated use it will soften up.  You can also get it wet.  



You can also get a cactus cloth mitt if you like.  


Some of my favorite uses for cactus cloths:

  • Dried mud removal.  These cloths form to the shape of your horse, so you can use them on wavy and lumpy parts like hips and legs.  Skip the metal curry comb here. 


  • Sweat mark removal.  I have no idea how or why this works - it just does.  If your horse is super sweaty, add the hose, too. 


  • Scrubbing buckets and tubs.  Cactus cloths are good for crusty food dish cleaning if you are stuck without any other tools. 


  • Finishing tool.  After your arms are sufficiently worked out from curry combing and brushing, do a once over your horse with the cactus cloth.  Your horse’s shine will be boosted. 


Curry, brush, then cactus.


  • Dandruff remover.  Some horses get flakes in their manes, the cactus cloth will help to lift them away.  Just be sure it’s dandruff and not lice or mites (yes it can happen).


  • Shampoo spreader.  Dunk in your sudsy bucket and shampoo away. The texture of the cactus cloth also helps remove hair and dirt in addition to spreading the shampoo around. 


  • Shedding horse helper.  You can remove a significant portion of hair with the cactus cloth.


Cactus cloths are great for the washrack, also. 


What have you used a cactus cloth for at the barn?