Why would I need my horse to wear horse jammies? 


“Jammies” or horse underwear, is a general term I like to use for the myriad of styles of sleek and form fitting nylon hoodies or slinkies that horses can wear.  For many years, we shall call them “the snob years”, the thought of putting a hoodie on a dressage horse was horrid.   Now that I have entered the “if it works, run with it” years, I can see the true value about having an open mind about all things pajama like.


Recently, I purchased a hood for my horse to protect an wound on his neck.  I needed a way to keep the bandage clean when he is outside in his giant paddock that doubles as his personal mud bath and dirt farm.  I quickly came to love the hoodie for what it does, while developing a thick skin from the other barn ladies that pointed out how ridiculous he looks wearing it.  


Migs is sporting what we called the "Captain Blueberry" look.


Here are some other amazing uses for a nylon hoodie type horse cover:


  • Keep the bugs at bay!  
  • Protect wounds from sun and dirt and bugs.
  • Train the mane to one side.
  • Use under blankets to prevent wither and shoulder rubs.
  • Help keep your horse clean the night before a show. 
  • They can protect your horse’s braids at a show.



Everyone gets a chance to be "Captain Blueberry".

Some warnings about these hoodies:


  • Some horses find them horribly itchy and will rub them off.  This can be downright bad for the hoodie and your horse, especially around the eye and nose areas.  
  • Avoid using them in warmer temperatures.  They can collect quite a bit of heat, especially if they are a dark color. 
  • Be prepared for snickers and nick names, perhaps even some stares and points from your barn buddies.  
  • I prefer the zip up kind, as the non zippered versions are trickier to pull over the neck.  Have a friend help you with either style until you and your horse get the "installation process" down.   
  • You also need to be sure the zipper doesn’t get too hot in the sun.


Why do you have jammies for your horses?