What's the best tool to help my horse shed?

The time has come - it’s no longer safe to wear lip balm at the barn….  Shedding season has most of us totally annoyed at all of the hair, but happy that warmer weather is happening!  What’s the best grooming tool to use for helping with shedding?  Lots of choices!

  • The old fashioned curry comb.  This basic grooming tool works well for most grooming, but can get quickly overwhelmed with shedding season.  A curry comb that is deeper than the usual is often better. 


  • The metal curry comb.  These come in two basic sizes, the circle and the loop.  Both are good for grabbing hair, I find the loop to be easier to maneuver around bony places on your horse like the shoulders and hips.  The loops can also double as a sweat scraper after a shower. 


  • Grooming gloves.  These are super for working around legs and faces, all of the spots that your other tools can’t reach.  Most designs are also super in the wash rack during bath time. 


  • A shedding blade - Shedding blades are a long straight blade that you can use to rake your horse with.  It’s very satisfying, the hair comes off in rows.  


  • Light Oil - Using Shapley’s No. 1 Light Oil (or No. 2, your pick) can pull out the hairs that you just can’t grab.  Spritz a washcloth with you Light Oil and sweep your horse.  The Light Oil will pick up any remaining hair.  


  • The vacuum - Saves you from flicking all of the loosened hair into the air.  Let the vacuum help you and you will also have less to sweep!


  • Clippers - It’s totally legit and fine to clip the shedding horse.  He will still be shedding, of course, but at least he will be more comfortable and the hair he does shed will be much shorter.  More on this topic here!


  • The grooming block - these guys work in a similar fashion to the metal curry combs and blades.  The blocks do wear down over time, but can be sharpened by scraping along a concrete surface.  They are fairly good at getting into smaller areas, too. 


What’s your grooming tool of choice to help your horse shed?