What do you take from the barn and use at home?  


We all know that when we go House to Barn - it's brand new and shiny and stolen in the dark of night to fool our roomies and spouses.  When we go from Barn to House - it's old, worn, tattered, and not nearly good enough for the horses anymore.  But good enough for the house!!

So here are some commonly worn out at the barn and brought home items at my house:

  • Blankets.  Old blanket = new pet bed.  Coolers work well. 
  • Sweet PDZ. I'm not going to name names (AHEM Zips and Orange, our cats....) but the stall refresher works just as wonderfully for the cat boxes at home.  All noses and lungs appreciate this.  




  • Saddle pads become wall hangings if they were won at shows.  Or a new pet bed.



This frazzled saddle pad is getting a new job as a cat bed!


  • Supplement buckets are great for gardening and also bringing the next item (compost) home for the garden at your house.




  • Compost.  Nothing like tomatoes grown in compost.  You can't beat compost from the barn with a stick, it's amazing so many things.  For tips on starting to compost, read this poop filled story.



Yup, there I am, holding a bunch of old poop.  Veggie growing goodness! 



The rest of the list is up to you guys!!